What size is best for you?





 Size Height (cm) Width (cm)
Kids S 9.5 15
Kids M 10.5 17
Adult S / Kids L 12 19
Adult 13.5 21
Adult XL 15.5 24


Each mask is individually made and therefore may vary by 0.5cm either side. 

Not sure which size to go for? Here is a recommendation, however please remember all face shapes vary from age to age depending on the build of the child / adult so do please take that into consideration!


Kids S

  • This size would probably fit up to 3 years old based on the size of your child's face. 

Kids M

  • This size would likely fit from 4 years to 8 years. 

Adult S / Kids L 

  • This size is for 8 years to adolescence and adults with smaller faces or who prefer a smaller mask

Adult ( Standard size) 

  • This should fit most teens and most adults.

Adult XL 

  • This is a much larger mask for larger / wider faces and noses. 


 Please allow +/- 0.5cm tolerances 


Fabric Face Mask Adjusting size

  • Please hold the mask and pull the elastic until the knot pops out of the seam.
  • Either undo the knot or simply make another knot further down the elastic.
  • Test the fit 
  • Once happy pull the elastic and the knot will go back into the seam.