Seven Clean Seas

Every 5 😷 you buy pulls 1Kg of plastic out of our oceans 🌊  

Seven Clean Seas Story

Seven Clean Seas started as a beach clean up community based in Singapore. They were so shocked by the volume of plastic washing up EVERY DAY that they decided to do something about it.

Fast forward to today and they organise monthly international coastal clean ups, hold educational talks and informative sessions for remote communities, work with responsible companies and help fellow ocean lovers all over the world do the same.

They have removed so much ocean plastic already but they are just getting started.  


Seven Clean Seas Mission and Values

 At Seven Clean Seas, our mission is to lead a resistance against marine plastic pollution, conserve bird / marine life and educate as we go on the perils of irresponsible plastic consumption in our daily lives.

The issue is gargantuan, but we are devoted to pursue the goal of a world with oceans free from marine plastic. A world where marine and bird life don’t suffer unnecessarily. A world where humans live in harmony with our planet and all its oceans.

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Our core mission! Seven Clean Seas is cleaning the marine environment and empowering local communities throughout S.E.A. to join the fight.


The seas and oceans are the most important ecosystem on Earth. We fund conservation projects to protect all the wonderful life which calls them home. 


Key to achieving plastic free oceans, we are providing the education on marine protection and responsible plastic consumption to the front lines.

Seven Clean Seas in Action

Furloughed Indonesian tourism workers hired to clean beaches

Furloughed Workers Get a New Gig

Furloughed Employees Clean Ocean Plastic